At Dr. Geisenhofer Women's Clinic, anaesthesiology support plays an obvious role before, during and after the operation, as well as in obstetrics.

Anaesthesia consultations as part of preparations for surgery take place close to the Clinic, at the Arabella Hochhaus high-rise building.

Daily: 07:30 to 16:00, Arabellastr. 5, 1st floor, Apartment 112 "anest".

Call (089) 922092-200 to book an appointment

We clarifiy the individual health situation of the patients in advance, and with them, decide which anaesthetic procedure is suitable for the planned intervention – this is of course adapted to each individual patient.
Together with qualified and motivated specialist nurses, the usual pain relief treatments are used both during and after the operation.

The operating theatres at the Clinic are equipped with the latest equipment for performing anaesthesia and monitoring vital signs.

After the operation, the patients continue to be cared for and monitored. An around-the-clock on-call service guarantees medical care to the highest standard at all times - even in emergencies.

For further information, particularly on epidural anaesthesia, please visit