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Certified clinical endometriosis centre

Senior physician: Dr. med. Thomas Füger

Since 1 July 2015, the MIC Centre at Dr. Geisenhofer Women's Clinic is the only certified clinical endometriosis centre in Bavaria apart from the University Women’s Hospital in Erlangen.

Following a successful examination of its structure and process quality by the Endometriosis Research Foundation, the European Endometriosis League and the German Association of Endometriosis, the year-long clinical and scientific analysis of this significant (with approximately 40,000 new cases annually) and very complex clinical picture reached its climax.

In addition to surgical treatment, the network of various medical specialist disciplines to which we are connected offers every option for the optimised treatment of this often chronic disease. We are in close contact with endometriosis self-help groups, and education on this as-yet still poorly understood woman’s disease is an ongoing effort as part of information events for physicians and patients.

After a comprehensive review of the medical history, a further, differentiated diagnosis is performed at our Centre. The resulting treatment recommendations which result from this are discussed in detail during our specialist consultation. Where necessary, the case is referred to one of our network partners (e.g. a fertility centre, pain outpatient’s department, psychosomatic medicine, physiotherapy, etc.). When surgical measures are required, these are performed in our Centre for Minimally Invasive Surgery, where appropriate with the help of visceral surgeons and urologists. Our social services can assist with the initiation of follow-up treatment and/or rehabilitation as required.

As always, supportive attention taking into account respective, often very different life situations is always a priority. 

The network partners of our Endometriosis Centre are listed below:

Core partners

  • Gynaecology
    Endometriosis Centre Stage III of Erlangen University Women’s Hospital
    Director Prof. Dr. Stefan Renner

  • Surgery
    Priv. Doz. Dr. med. G. Meyer Wolfart Clinic / Munich
    Department of Visceral Surgery

  • Urology
    Dr. med. B. Eck Isar Medicine Centre / Munich, Institute of Urology

  • Pathology
    Prof. Dr. med. A. Nerlich
    Pathology Group Practice / Munich

  • Radiology
    Dr. med. J. Stiess
    Radiologie am Prinzregentenplatz / Munich 

Cooperation partners

  • Social services
    M. Brunner, Dr. Geisenhofer Women's Clinic

  • Diet advice
    Mrs Mitreiter, Dr. Geisenhofer Women's Clinic

  • Physiotherapy, osteopathy
    Monika Vogl, Therapie N25
    Nymphenburger Str. 191, 80639 Munich

  • Pain therapy
    Algesiologikum MVZ
    Outpatient Centre for Pain Medicine Medical director: Dr. R. Thoma
    Heßstr. 22, 80799 Munich

  • Sterility therapy
    Dr. Rattenhuber; Munich Nord Fertility Practice
    Schleißheimer Str. 91, 85748 Munich

  • Rehabilitation
    Eisenmoorbad Bad Schmiedeberg
    Kurpromenade 2, 06905 Bad Schmiedeberg

  • Munich Endometriosis Self Help Group
    Mrs Horvath
    Westendstr 68, 80339 Munich

  • Psychology
    Dr. phil. Andela Grigelat
    Psychology practice
    Sendlinger-Tor-Platz 11, 80336 Munich

MIC Training Centre

Senior physician: Dr. med. Sebastian Reicke

The “MIC Centre on the Englischer Garten“ at the Dr. Geisenhofer Women's Clinic, led by Dr. Thomas Füger and Dr. Sebastian Reicke, was certified as a training centre by the Working Group on Gynaecological Endoscopy (Arbeitsgemeinschaft gynäkologische Endoskopie - AGE) of the German Gynaecological Association in October 2016.

Following years of commitment to minimally invasive endoscopic operating techniques for the well-being of our patients and the establishment of highly advanced, quality assured structures including the construction of one of the most modern specialist ORs in Germany, as one of very few appropriately qualified training facilities in Bavaria, we will in future also become intensively involved in the training of the new generation of surgical specialists.