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Patient surgical spectrum

Preoperative diagnostics during consultation

  • Ultrasound/Doppler sonography
  • Endoscopy of the uterine cavity (hysteroscopy) under local anaesthetic

Minimally invasive surgery for laparoscopy

  • The uterus:
    - Organ-preserving myoma removal,
    - Partial removal of the uterus while preserving the cervix (LASH Find out more),
    - Total removal of the uterus (TLH)
  • The ovaries (e.g. cysts)
  • The fallopian tubes (e.g. In the event of an unfulfilled desire to have children)
  • For diseases of the pelvis (e.g. endometriosis, adhesions)

Minimally invasive surgery for hysteroscopy

  • For bleeding disorders (removal of myoma or polyps, mucosal erosion)
  • In the event of a desire to have children (removal of septa and adhesions)
  • For anomalies of the uterus

Vaginal interventions

  • In the event of a miscarriage
  • For diseases of the cervix
  • For cysts
  • For inflammatory diseases
  • When desired following aesthetic corrections (e.g. reduction of the labia)

Incontinence surgery

  • Minimally invasive treatment of subsidence symptoms

Minimally invasive interventions in cancer

  • Cervical cancer with possible fertility-preserving surgery when a child is desired (trachelectomy)
  • Cervical cancer with extensive removal of the uterus and lymph nodes
  • Modern removal of the sentinel lymph nodes in cancer of the uterus or cervix