Prenatal diagnostics

Senior physician:

Dr. med. Josef Bröcker
Appointments: Tel. 089 . 961 20 20

Examinations of the unborn child and the pregnant mother for the early detection of disorders

At Dr. Geisenhofer Women's Clinic, we offer you qualified prenatal diagnostics in accordance with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ultraschall in der Medizin (DEGUM). The purpose of this is first of all to exclude abnormalities and disorders, and to confirm the health of your child with the highest possible degree of certainty.

Should a problem be found, we offer you care in close cooperation with your gynaecologist and further experts in ancillary disciplines (neonatology, paediatric cardiology, paediatric surgery, etc.).

Together with you, we aim to make use of the latest methods and optimal technology equipment to ensure a successful outcome to your pregnancy.

Our services:

  • Malformation diagnostics (DEGUM Step II)
  • First-trimester screening with risk analysis and consultancy
    A combination of a specialised ultrasound examination and biochemical analyses to determine the individual risk
  • Foetal echocardiography
    Examination of the heart of your unborn child
  • Non-invasive prenatal diagnostics
    Detection of the child's DNA from the mother's blood in order to exclude Trisomy 13, 18 and 21
  • 3D/4D sonography
    An ultrasound examination which allows a spatial representation of the unborn child
  • Nuchal translucency (measurement of the neck fold)
  • Invasive diagnostics
    Amniocentesis = Amniotic fluid removal
    Chorionic virus biopsies = Removal of tissue from the placenta
  • Co-supervision of high-risk pregnancies / multifoetal pregnancies
  • Foetal status diagnostics
  • Colour Doppler sonography
    A special ultrasound examination to measure blood flows in the veins
  • Gynaecological sonography


The Centre for Prenatal Diagnostics at the Englischer Garten forms part of Dr. Geisenhofer Women's Clinic GmbH.

All of the examinations that we offer are performed here. Appointments made with us are allocated to the respective practice.

Obviously, you can also simply make an appointment for a consultation before deciding for or against a prenatal examination.