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We recommend these 14 helpful baby apps

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gofeminin (Price: 0.79 Euro)

Thanks to this pregnancy calendar, soon-to-be mums can see how much their baby has grown, and how to optimally feed them. In addition, the app also provides reminders of check-ups, and check-lists for hospital bags and baby rooms.

Baby in Sicht (Price: free)

See how your baby is growing and what is happening to your body while this happens. Also, the sports that you can safely do during pregnancy and of course, the ways in which you can deliver your baby. Simply a guide to pregnancy.

Hello Baby Deutschland (Price: free)

This app allows you to experience the development of your baby in a revolutionary way. A life-size simulation, right on your iPad. Enter your child’s expected birth date to track their progress week by week.

BabyPlaces (Price: free)

Where can I buy nappies? Where is the nearest paediatrician? What restaurants are child-friendly? This app helps you find all of the places in your town which will help you relax with your baby while you are on the road - ranging from child friendly cafés to the nicest playgrounds, from the most popular paediatricians through to the closest changing place.

iTalk Recorder (Price: free)

Want to preserve your baby’s first words for eternity so that you can play them back embarrassingly on their 18th birthday? No problem with this quality recording app with archiving function, which includes audio bookmarks.

Babyphone - Transform your telephone into a baby phone (BabyMonitor and BabyPhone, see below for prices)

The Babyphone app can do a lot of things that normal baby phones cannot: for example, record and replay Mummy’s voice when your baby wakes up or play a song from your MP3 collection. The app will also call a specified number in the event of an alarm, the sensitivity of which can be adjusted. In a recent article, the Stiftung Warentest consumer organisation stated that the electromagnetic emissions of a babyphone app is harmless at a distance of 1-2 m.

Baby Monitor (Price: 3.59 Euro) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tappytaps.android.babymonitoralarm.full

Baby Monitor, free test version https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tappytaps.android.babymonitoralarm.trial&feature=search_result

Alternative: MVA Baby Monitor, free, English https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dk.mvainformatics.android.babymonitor

White noise - Soothing sounds for your baby (Price: free)

The sound of a hair-dryer, washing machine or "white noise" is often very reassuring for babies in their first few months, particularly for parents with crying babies or simply children suffering from 3-month colic, where noise of this kind can be an effective sleeping aid.

Lullabies (Price: 1.79)

12 great children’s bedtime songs. With music box function and printable lyrics.

Pabobo Interactive (Price: free)

A night light to help sleeping. A set of six lights with a sleep timer, sleep melodies and comforter mode. The app also works in Flight mode, so that your child remains undisturbed.

Puzzle to go - Tierbabys (Price: 1.59 Euro)

Waiting times at the doctor’s, extended dinners in a restaurant - this baby animal puzzle has three levels of difficulty and 25 themes to prevent your little one from getting restless.

Moments (Price: 0.79 Euro)

Know exactly how old your first-born is, or when your first kiss with your lover was - it’s all easy. This app stores away the most important "Moments" of your life, for you to watch over and over again (in English)

Baby Names (Price: free)

Are you curious about baby names? If you are, well, look out for the Baby Names app.