Information about the Clinic

Childbirth numbers at our clinic have for decades constantly ranged between 2400 and 2500 annually. We offer you safe, individualised and family-oriented support before, during and after your special event. We are there for you - during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period!

Our patients receive loving care at both our certified Breast Centre as well as the certified MIC and Endometriosis Centres at the Englischer Garten.

Our focus is to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible. This includes a smooth procedure with short waiting times. We guarantee this by means of planned and standardised procedures and committed employees.

Find out everything you need to know about your clinic stay with us. If you can’t find what you want, please don’t hesitate to contact us personally (Switchboard: 089 / 38 31 - 0 ).

We will be glad to help!

How to get here

Alternative parking spaces can be found at the Chinese Tower (approx. 3 minutes away), the Hilton Hotel (approx. 5 minutes away) and at the free public car park on Hirschauerstraße.

Access by public transport:

By Metro: Get off at Giselastr.
Take the bus to Tivolistraße

By bus: Lines 54 or 154
Line 54: Get off at Hirschauerstr.
Line 154: Get off at Tivolistraße

By tram: Line 16
Get off at Tivolistraße

Registration for childbirth

Physicians at our Clinic work in accordance with the affiliated doctor system. As such, attending physicians work in their own practices as well as in their capacity as surgeons and obstetricians at Dr. Geisenhofer Women's Clinic.

Should you choose to be treated in our Clinic, please register with one of our physicians. They will forward your registration to us immediately.

You can find our obstetric physicianshere.

Baby gallery

We publish pictures and information about the children who are born in our Clinic, with the permission of their parents. You are welcome to send this picture to your family, relatives and friends - simply click on the link below the image: "Send as E-card".

Please understand that we can only display the images in our Baby Gallery for the first few days following the birth of the child.

We wish all new parents plenty of luck and enjoy with your new baby!

Consultancy, support and important appointments


  • At our Clinic, you can get help with breastfeeding from our experienced paediatric nurses and midwives
  • Your child must have a screening test for metabolic diseases (screening card) on the 3rd day. This must be repeated if your child is not 36 hours old upon acceptance
  • The second preventive examination should be performed on your child between the 3rd and 10th days.
  • If this is not performed before discharge, please contact your paediatrician about this. You will need the insurance card of the main insurance holder for this examination if the child does not yet have their own insurance card.
  • Your baby should receive Vitamin D daily from the 10th day of its life. Your child should be given Vitamin K at U 2 and once again at U 3.
  • You should contact your gynaecologist within the first 6 weeks of delivery

Complaint Management team and feedback

Your opinions, suggestions, wishes, complaints and praise help us to improve our service to our patients.

In our patient information folder and next to our postboxes in the wards, you will find "Feedback cards" about your stay with us.
In order for us to be able to constantly improve our services to you, we would kindly ask you to fill in a feedback card at the end of your inpatient stay.
Your satisfaction is very important to us!
Please drop the completed cards into the postboxes provided on the wards for that purpose, or hand them in directly to your ward sister.
If you are unable to resolve your concerns or complaints in a direct conversation with your physician, the nursing staff or other members of our Clinic, please get in direct contact with our internal Complaint Management team:
Mrs Nicole Pietzonka 089/3831-0.

This Department handled patient concerns and complaints on behalf of the management. You are also welcome to tell us about your concerns in writing.
Obviously, your messages will be treated confidentially!

Visits/visiting hours

The hospital is of course open for visits from your family, relatives and friends.
Our opening hours are as follows:

  • Mornings: Partners only
  • Afternoons: 14.00 – 19.00 general visiting time
  • Siesta: 12.30 – 14.00 No / severely restricted visiting time


Please be considerate of other patients, who may need more rest.

In order not to disturb your room-mates, you can also receive high numbers of visitors in the garden or cafeteria.


A tip:
Your first days in our Clinic should be to allow you to rest. Enjoy your time with us, and get to know your baby in peace.

The joy of a newborn child is unbounded, and everyone wants to be involved. However, large numbers of visit means a lot of disturbance, for you and your child.

Simply ask your friends to come and meet your child at a later time, and always agree on visits beforehand (even once you are back home).


Pots and vases are available on every ward.
Potted plants are not allowed on hospital premises, for hygiene reasons.


At our newly renovated cafeteria on the ground floor, you will find not only hot and cold drinks, but also snacks, newspapers, magazines, toiletries, get well cards, stamps and small gifts for your baby.

Outside of opening hours, our drinks and snack machines are also available.

Data protection

All of the data that you provide to us upon admission and naturally everything relating to your illness and treatment is subject to statutory data protection and is treated in accordance with data protection regulations.

Parents' Centre - Course centre for expectant or new parents

Information and courses on childbirth
Should you have any questions about registering for our courses or want further information about childbirth, our Parents' Centre at Blumenstraße 37 will be happy to help:

All of the courses/lectures and schedules can be found here:

Tel. 089 / 55271252

Entertainment and WLAN

Don’t want to miss anything during your stay at our Clinic? Absolutely no problem, because we want to make the time that you spend with us even more enjoyable. With our new patient entertainment system, you can keep up-to-date with everything that’s going on, right from your hospital bed. TV, radio, Internet or telephone – anything is possible. Obviously, we also have WLAN at the Clinic, so that you can also use all of your own mobile devices.

To use this system, all you need is a chip card, which you can obtain from Administration, as well as headphones. If you left your headphones at home, a trip to our lovely cafeteria will help.

Date of discharge

The discharge date is agreed between the patient and attending physician/gynaecologist as the patient’s recovery progresses.
Patients Administration is also informed, and prepares all of the administrative formalities relating to your discharge. Our Discharge Office is located beside the library on the ground floor.

The following formalities must be completed as part of your discharge:

  • Settlement of elective services, where these are not covered by insurance
  • Settlement of complete Clinic stay for self-payers
  • Return of any insurance cards which have been deposited
  • Settlement of any patient entertainment
  • Settlement of patient supplements – The Clinic is required to collect and forward a pre-payment of €10 per calendar day (also applicable to the days of admission and discharge) for statutory insurance. Newborns are exempt from the supplement.

We aim to ensure that patient rooms are released early in the morning (by 10:00).

In order to ensure the smooth admission of the next patients as well as for organisational reasons, later discharge times are not possible. If you are not due to be picked up until after 10:00, you are of course free to remain in the public areas of the Clinic and leave your luggage in the Administration offices.

Discharge management: Information current as of 01/10/2017

The government has recently promulgated Article §39 a in Volume 5 of the Social Code (SGB V), Guidelines for Discharge Management in Hospitals. Self-governance at the State level has reified these guidelines in the form of a framework contract.

Hospitals are required to implement the new regulations with effect from 1 October 2017. 

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the Dr. Geisenhofer Women's Clinic is fully compliant with statutory as well as framework contract regulations.

Our Discharge Office team are available during the following hours should you have any queries:

  • Monday to Friday, 09.00 to 12.00
  • Saturday and Sunday, 10.00 to 13.00

Dr. Geisenhofer Women's Clinic
September 2017




  • Breakfast: from 7:30
  • Lunch: from 11:30
  • Supper: from 17:00


Your opinions, suggestions, wishes, complaints and praise help us to improve our service to our patients.
In our patient information folder and next to our postboxes in the wards, you will find "Feedback cards" about your stay with us.
In order for us to be able to constantly improve our services to you, we would kindly ask you to fill in a feedback card at the end of your inpatient stay.
Please drop the completed cards into the postboxes provided on the wards for that purpose, or hand them in directly to your ward sister. We will of course treat your messages confidentially.

Birth certificate

Dear expecting parents,

We would like to keep the paperwork you need to fill in for your child’s birth certificate to a minimum. We do however need your help in order to avoid you having to go to the Munich Registry Office in person. A number of documents are needed for this. So that you are well prepared, you can already put these documents in your hospital bag before the birth and bring these with you when you are admitted for delivery. We have provided a comprehensive summary of the necessary requirements below. Please be sure to hand over the documents (copies only) with the name you want (you will receive the document in the delivery room immediately after delivery) to our Administration.

We ask your understanding that no copies of your documents can be made in the Clinic. Should you be unable to obtain the documents in advance, we would like to point out that a personal interview at the Registry Office will be necessary.

The following documents (copies) are required:

  1.  The passports or personal IDs of the mother and father (front and back)
  2.  The birth certificates of the mother and father
  3.  The naming form (you will receive this from your midwife after delivery)
  4.  The birth certificate of the child

If the parents are married, please also bring:

  • Documentary evidence of the marriage and the names in the marriage

e.g. marriage certificate, such as an excerpt/printouts from the marriage register or excerpt from the family register used as the marriage entry

If the parents are not married, please also bring:

  • Any documentary evidence of proof of paternity/custody declaration already granted:

For a statement of acknowledgement, you will need: a legally valid proof of paternity is required for the registration of the father in the birth entry of the child (with the consent of the mother). This will require a personal interview with the parents at the registry office, a notary or youth welfare office.

The following documents of the father must be brought along:

  • His birth certificate and personal ID, and

where the father is and/or was married: normally, a marriage certificate, accompanied by an excerpt from the marriage register or from the family register used as the marriage entry, each with evidence of the actual name entry. A joint custody declaration can only be submitted to a youth welfare office or a notary.

The competent registry office for our Clinic is:

Munich Registry Office - Office of Births
Service address: Ruppertstr. 11, 4. Stock
Metro lines U3 / U6, Poccistraße Station

Postal address:
City of Munich
Regional Administrative Office
Registry Office, Office of Births
80466 Munich

Registry Office opening times:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 07:30 to 12:00
Tuesday 08:30 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 18:00
Thursday 08:30 to 15:00

Further information about birth certificates can be found on the Internet here:


Should you have any questions, the Registry Office can be reached by e-mail, fax or telephone:

  • Initial letter of child’s surname: A - K

Fax (089) 233 – 44 379
Tel. (089) 233 – 44 377

  • Initial letter of child’s surname: L - Z

Fax (089) 233 – 44 360
Tel. (089) 233 – 44 366

Information events for expecting parents

Information Evenings
You are welcome to find out more about our Clinic during one of our many information evenings. Our obstetrics team (midwives, medical and paediatric nurses, birth preparation staff, Clinic physicians and anaesthetists) will be happy to assist you should you have further questions or requests.
Please register in advance for the events that you want under "Information Evenings". You should book your information evening several months in advance, as these tend to book out very quickly.

Hospital bags

What do you need in order to give birth in hospital?

Our list should help you to prepare properly for giving birth in our Clinic.
You will be able to exchange notes with experienced mothers and midwives during the preparations for childbirth as well as during your introduction to the delivery room.

Important to know:

Every obstetric department is prepared to have the most important things on hand in the event that you need to be rushed into the Clinic. So, don’t panic if you forget your hospital bag. The most important thing is your maternity log and health/insurance card and/or hospital card for private insurance.


When will you come to the Clinic?

  • Please make your way to the Clinic as soon as possible, accompanied if possible, should you experience regular and increasing labour pains, or if your water breaks or you are bleeding.
  • The delivery room is located on the 1st floor.

Prepare your hospital bag early, a few weeks before you are due to give birth. Most mothers enjoy repacking and adding to the things that they will bring with them.


For the birth:

  • Bath robe (loose and comfortable, easy to close)
  • Comfortable shirt or T-shirt
  • Loose, comfortable trousers or leggings
  • Thick, warm socks
  • Wash cloth
  • Hair tie (hair clip)
  • Glasses (for contact lens wearers)

For your time in hospital:

  • A well filled toilet bag
  • Bath robe
  • Slippers
  • Nightgowns (buttoned) or comfortable pyjamas
  • Loose T-shirts
  • Tracksuit
  • Warm socks
  • Comfortable underwear, if possible made of cotton, or disposable underwear
  • Two nursing bras, nursing pads and possibly a nursing pillow
  • Bindings (we will provide these during your stay with us)
  • Towels
  • Money or debit card to activate your telephone and for any advance payments payable should you require an elective service
  • Rooms in which elective services are provided are also equipped with a colour television and safe. Morning newspapers, alcohol-free drinks and the supply of a bath robe, towels, personal care items, etc, are all included in the service.

Patients can opt to stay in a single or double room. This option is available even where private or supplementary insurance is not available, upon payment of a surcharge.


For your baby:

During your stay with us, you will be provided with the necessary equipment to feed, care for and clothe your infant.


What do you need for your child on the discharge date?

  • 1 shirt, 1 jacket, 1 trousers
  • 1 romper suit, hat (2 in winter), outdoor wear
  • Carry cot with blanket or pillow, maybe lambskin
  • Stroller (because of space limitations, please only bring this in on the discharge date)


  • Warmth is a major factor in how good we feel. If you get cold easily, you should bring sufficient comfortable and warm things with you (for example, extra blankets, plenty of woollen socks, jackets, flannel shirts).
  • Try securing your child’s car seat or carry-cot beforehand; this will save you rushing about when you are about to head home (particularly for outpatient childbirths).
  • Where necessary, find out at an early stage of your pregnancy about the benefits of your supplementary insurance (single room, choice of doctors, etc.).
  • You should always have telephone numbers (midwife, gynaecologist, delivery room) clearly visible, and take these with you. You will only very rarely need these in an emergency situation, but they will give you a sense of security.

Patient library

Our Patient Administration team will be glad to lend you a book of your choice free of charge. Please don’t forget to return the book before you are discharged.

Patient rooms

We look forward to seeing you sufficiently recovered that you are able to leave your room, even if only for a short time. Outside of your room, please wear outerwear such as a bath robe or dressing gown. Our Clinic garden is a perfect venue for short strolls.

You should always be present in your room for visits, mealtimes and treatments.

In order to ensure a smooth course of treatment for all patients, patients must vacate their hospital rooms at the latest at 11 o’clock in the morning on the date of discharge; conservative and operative patients must vacate their rooms by 10:00.

All other patient areas can of course be used.

We only have a very limited number of parking spaces. We would therefore ask you to use public transport, and in particular, to keep the emergency access to the clinic entrance free from obstruction. Should a vehicle block this accessway in the event that emergency access is required, we reserve the right to pass on the cost of any towing service to the parking offender.

Alternative parking spaces can be found at the Chinese Tower (approx. 3 minutes away), the Hilton Hotel (approx. 5 minutes away), at the chargeable parking spaces at the Tivoli Tennis Courts and at the few free public parking spaces on Hirschauerstraße.

Access by public transport:

By Metro: Get off at Giselastr.
Take the bus to Tivolistraße
By bus: Lines 54 or 154
Line 54: Get off at Hirschauerstr.
Line 154: Get off at Tivolistraße
By tram: Line 16
Get off at Tivolistraße

Postal services

You can purchase stamps and postcards in our cafeteria. You can hand over pre-paid post to our patient administration.


Out of consideration for fellow patients and due to the risk of fire, smoking is prohibited throughout the entire Clinic complex.

Our Clinic is fitted with very sensitive smoke detectors. In the event of any non-compliance with this smoking ban, we reserve the rights to pass on the costs for automatically generated fire brigade alarms to the polluter.

Please also refrain from smoking on balconies, as the smoke will enter the patient rooms above.

Food and special diets for health and/or religious reasons

Your health is very important to us, and we would therefore like to make your stay as comfortable as possible by offering you a varied and versatile meal concept.

An extensive choice of three different menus (standard, vegetarian and light for breastfeeding mothers) as well as our highest standards with regard to food quality will contribute to your well-being and rapid recovery.

Dishes which contain pork are marked on our menu plans.

A "pork-free" menu is available daily.

Our patients can also select from a kosher menu. Dishes are prepared, packaged, sealed and delivered to the Clinic from Restaurant Einstein in accordance with Kaschrut rules. We will be happy to provide you with a special diet for a separate fee.

Should you require a special diet for religious reasons, or be unable to consume specific foods because of allergic reactions or food intolerances, please let us know.

The Clinic will do everything possible to accommodate and support you in this respect.

Please contact us about this in advance wherever possible.

Accommodation at the Hotel Hilton Park Munich (special conditions)

Under special conditions, we are able to offer overnight stays close (at a distance of 200 m) to the Clinic to our guests, patients and/or before and after the inpatient treatment.

Should you be interested in this accommodation, please ask for the booking code at the Women’s Clinic Administration office.
Tel. 089/3831-0.

Advance payments

Patients who are not insured with a statutory or private German insurance company are normally required to make an advance payment in the amount of the expected fixed-sum treatment amount (DRG), even when a guarantee of payment is provided by a foreign insurance company.

The advance payment to be made can be requested daily from our Billing department, specifying the expected treatment, and paid in cash or by debit card.
Companies which cannot be billed directly include:

Allianz Worldwide, International SOS, Cigna International, Care Concept, Allianz Worldwide, International SOS, Cigna International, Care Conzept, the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, etc.

Most of these are however willing to pay the advance payment for their policyholders providing that suitable advance notice is given.

Valuables - Liability

The Clinic cannot be held liable for items of value such as money, jewellery, clothing, etc. Safes are provided in single and double rooms. You should not therefore leave any valuables or cash in your bedside table drawer. For accommodation in shared rooms, cash and valuables can be deposited in the Clinic’s safe against proof of identity. Stored valuables will only be returned upon presentation of the identity card/passport.

Elective services

Non-medical elective services include accommodation in a single-bed, double-bed or family room with a variety of services and extras.
The use of elective services requires that this service be included in the rate of your private or supplementary insurance or that you are willing to indulge in this level of comfort, and bear the costs thereof on your own.

  • Single room, Cat. I - Price:  €125.13/day
  • Single room, Cat. II - Price: € 113.84/day
  • Single room, Cat. III - Price: € 111.88/day
  • Double room - Price:  € 59.35/day
  • Family room - Price: € 200/day for min. 2 days + price of a room with single bed

Accommodation in a family room is a purely self-payment service, and this is not reimbursed by private health insurance.

For self-payers, the costs of the selected accommodation are payable to the Clinic in cash or by debit card.
We request your understanding that we are only able to make use of a non-medical elective service when occupancy permits. We will however always do our utmost to fulfil your wishes.